Winter is Coming

As the weather starts to get colder and wetter and windier I have been thinking about what I might do with my photography this winter.

On the morning I made the above images the first colors presented themselves in the sky and were later followed by the geese flying by.  Since I had my Olympus TG-6 in my hand, I made these pictures through a window.

I have to confess that I made these images to learn more about what works for monochrome images.  I have both my Olympus TG-6 and my E-M5 III cameras set to record raw images in square format in each camera’s monochrome style.  After I downloaded them using the camera’s settings I tried some different effects and then changed them back and forth between monochrome and the camera’s natural colors.  Obviously, I’m showing you the color style above.

And if you are wondering, I also originally made the images in the previous post in the same manner, except with the E-M5 III camera.

You might be wondering why I am making my pictures first in B&W.  Other than for learning what makes a good B&W image, I’m considering collecting my life style images in B&W for a book that I might want to make later and I want to compose them for a book.  I also want to try some more B&W printing.  Since some of the images work best in color I will use them occasionally, as warranted, in my blog, but my personal objective is to learn to make better B&W images.

Another thing I am trying, is to see if I can do more of my winter photography with the TG-6 since it is waterproof and small so that I can carry it in my jacket pocket.  That works better for making images of what I see as I do whatever I do this winter.  It is a great recording device as a visional record for story telling, etc.