Bare Campus

Photographically, I have a problem living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community.  They keep the place pretty clean and remove all of the fallen leaves and cut down all of the dried standing weeds and flowers, etc. in the late fall.  My problem is that I’m left with even less to photograph.  I like making images of the standing dried residue of the flowers and weeds in the wetlands and around the Villas and paths.  I could only capture the above scene when I emptied one of Marcia’s bird baths that had trapped falling leaves.

I appreciate Homewood keeping the insides of the facilities clean, especially during pandemics; but, I would like a more natural environment outdoors to remain year-round for my photography and for the birds, deer, insects, etc.

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  1. paula graham

    Yes, I am with you completely, many of us are too , far too tidy , in our ways of gardening…It saddens me deeply but it takes a lot to change peoples perceptions on how things ought to be.