Decision time:  camera, lens, blog, photography. 

The end of the year is coming fast and I need to make some decisions for the new year.  Do I want to limit myself to one camera and lens, or more?  Should I shut down my public blog and start over with a private blog, or no blog?  Should I photograph just for myself and make a few personal books, or journal?

I exceeded my memory limitations in my blog.  I probably have too many cameras as I use them all and try to decide what I prefer, and can use.  I really don’t have anything to photograph that many others care about.  Do I start over with a private journal?  Or do I just hit the “All Stop”?  Or do I just keep blundering on with the same old stuff?  Or do I just do less and less and wind it down slowly?


  1. Chalaphan

    Hi John, I have recently just discovered your blog and I must say I like it a lot. It allows me to know you through your photographs. Your site is free from technical junkies. I like the way you express your feeling. I can see it the pictures and in the sentences your wrote. I have the same habit like you: searching for just one camera, the one. Because of this same idea, over 20 cameras have passed my hands and I still have not found a camera that ticks every things. My best pictures are not from the Leica but from the lowly Canon Rebel. My very best pictures are not critical sharp and well composed. The pictures that cherished by me are the pictures of my love one, whom I care for.
    Whatever you decide, I wish you and your family good health, peaceful, and happy for many years to come. By the way, you have big ears like my father.


  2. babsje

    Hi John. Those are all good questions and I think most blogging photographers would do well to periodically weigh their own pros and cons. Some bloggers post way too many (every hour 24/7 really??) and some not often enough – they leave the reader wanting to see more. One thing you might look at in terms of filling up your allotted media space in Word Press is the size of the image files you upload. I don’t know your process but if you are uploading jpg files are they set to “maximum” size (like 10-12 in Photoshop)? If so, consider downsizing them to be at “high” or better yet “medium.” This will make them consume much less space. And frankly, just my opinion, that level or quality is “good enough” for most readers of most blogs. It’s not a juried competition at the end of the day. Speaking selfishly, I do hope you don’t abandon your blog. Whatever you decide, you can always change your mind later. Best, Babsje

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