Why These Photographs

This post is about other aspects of my indecision relative to my blog and photography.  I have a mixed audience for my blog.  My local viewers look at it to see things about Homewood at Plum Creek that they didn’t or couldn’t see, at least the way I see them.  Those types of posts are not as attractive or interesting to many of my other viewers, especially those who live in other countries.

In the above, I show what I woke up to yesterday morning right up the street from my Villa.  We had a broken pipe under the pavement.  Since I have been making fewer of these types of pictures, I wasn’t going to make any images, until I had another thought.  I decided to make them as another test of what camera I need, etc.  These images were made either with the Olympus E-M5 III with the 14-150mm lens or the Ricoh effective 28mm focal length camera, which I can carry in my pocket.  

I couldn’t get as close with the Ricoh camera as I would have liked so I had to do a lot of cropping and processing.  That worked as well as the 14-150mm zoom lens on the E-M5 III.  Note that the hole was deep and it was a lot darker down there so I had to make major changes to the exposure, etc. for the heavily cropped image of the men in the hole.  The biggest problem with the Ricoh camera was seeing the composition on the LCD held at arm length in the bright sunlight.  I ended up taking the pictures blind.

I think I made partial progress on answering at least one of my questions.  I still haven’t decided whether to continue photographing and blogging on things happening around Homewood; but I think I can safely say I won’t often need the longer focal lengths that I have with my micro 4/3 camera and lenses; well, unless I want to photograph distant birds or other wildlife.

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