One Future Option

I’m still thinking about a different direction for at least some of my photography.  I’m considering shifting my emphasis from blogging to printing a zine in B&W.  My first thought has been, what subject, pictures, etc.?  I am thinking about maybe first using some images from our travels to see how it all works.

Wanting to see how they worked in B&W, I revisited images (shown above) from our trip to Ireland, but I focused on images that I hadn’t already printed for my walls.  

I’m more interested now in the common things and seeing if I can shift my future photography to the small things I see on a daily basis during 2022.  I’m looking for memory joggers that include different things than the classic iconic images that others make.

I’m also thinking about extending this approach to images I make while walking around Hanover this spring and coming summer.

One problem is that I don’t know how I want to process the images until I see them printed in a zine.  I need to make a test zine using different styles to see what I like best before I decide on camera settings, etc.  

Well, I might or might not go this route.  I’m still dithering on future options.  I figure I have at least two months to continue dithering before spring arrives and we see what the future Covid situation looks like.

One comment

  1. bluebrightly

    I like this idea, and I like the idea of concentrating on the everyday objects we often overlook. This collection of images has a very nice scope and variety.