One Camera, One prime Lens

I’m not sure if it is simpler or not, but I am contemplating on using just a Fujifilm X100 series camera.  To try it, I purchased a well used X100F camera to use for a while to see if I want to really do this.

It is simpler in the sense that using one camera and one prime lens with an effective 35mm focal length eliminates the decision as to which camera and lens to grab while searching for compositions of things I see.  It also means that I only need to keep one type of battery and charger and one or two small bags.  

It certainly isn’t simpler in the sense that it requires a lot more work to select compositions.  Not having a zoom lens means that I will need to physically move around, and back and forth, and up and down a lot more.  These actions are physically more and more challenging as I get older and older, but I’m also remembering the saying, “use it or lose it”.  If I give in to aging by accommodating my limitations prematurely, my muscles will just get weaker and weaker and I’ll spiral down the path of being able to do less and less faster than ever.

Long time readers of my blog know that I have been hoping to eventually get to the point of using just one camera.  They also know that I have tried lots of cameras and lenses, buying and selling, and rebuying the same types of gear over and over.  

At this time, I have not yet decided to sell my other cameras and lenses.  I am waiting to see if the X100 series is “the one”.  I have owned and sold the original X100 and the X100F, and the X100V cameras before, so I have a pretty good idea whether “an X100 series camera is the one”; but, the biggest challenge would be giving up photographing things that require a longer focal length lens.

For those of you wondering why the X100F vs. the X100V, a used X100F costs $500 less than a harder to find new X100V camera.  For now, the additional features of the X100V are not worth the extra $500.


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  2. paula graham

    I must add, I have one old camera and one fav lens: D3 and 70-200, comes with me out cycling and around town…I keep telling folk when it dies I buy a new one, whereupon a knowledgeable chap told me ‘it will never die’