X100F and Another

As I was looking back through my old images for ideas and reviewing what cameras and lenses I used under different circumstances, I came across these images I made during and after the flood of 2018 that hit Homewood at Plum Creek.  The images reminded me that if I ever move, to move to a high elevation.  

Don’t forget that you can click on any image to see them in a larger size.  If you do that, look closely at how high the water got relative to some apartments and Villas.  The undersized culverts on the only two roads into the Villas acted as dams and backed the water up.  

Since the flood, many additional houses are being built upstream with increased run-off into Plum Creek.  The culverts on our roads over Plum Creek were not increased in size since the flood.  It’s now worse.  The repaired culverts under Morning Glory are now 30% smaller.

How is any of this relevant to my photography in the future?  If I only use the X100F camera for future photography I won’t be able to continue making many of the images that I used to make.  Much of my previous photography was made with wider and longer lenses.  With the X100F I am limited to only an effective 35mm focal length lens.  The trade offs are between different focal lengths, image quality, camera/lens weights, subjects photographed, weather resistance, and simplicity.

I will probably keep my Olympus E-M5 III camera and lenses for some outdoor imagery like I did in the past and use my X100F for an indoor and/or walk-about camera.  I also might want to get a macro lens for the E-M5 III next spring and summer.