I Like the Amazon River Region

A trip that I would most like to take again is a river cruise on the Amazon River in Peru.  If I went back, I would take a better weather resistant camera with a zoom lens since it is a hot, humid area with heavy rain and mud, and yes, mosquitos.  We were there in March 2006 when I made these pictures.  The following shows a picture of my knee covered with mosquitos when we took a hike ashore.  I didn’t get any bites since they couldn’t get through my clothing, but I did come home with a lot of jigger bites on my ankles.  The second picture below shows one of the many small frogs.

I also liked the Amazon region of Ecuador, the Nile river in Egypt, and the desert in Tunisia.  Do you know what is common to those places?  They are all located close to the equator and are not cold or densely populated; but, they are also places that few, if any, of the major tour companies now have tours.