Smaller, Lighter Gear

220122-074103-JEH22I like pictures made with a micro 4/3 sensor, but it will take time to see how long I use it this time.  My continued use of it depends on what I find to photograph other than for testing and practicing purposes.

I continue to think that I should go back to either Pentax or Fujifilm cameras with larger sensors and better image quality, but the more I use this smaller micro 4/3 gear the more I appreciate it, especially when walking and carrying it.

Using micro 4/3 gear brings back many happy travel memories.  When I traveled I used micro 4/3  or smaller sensors.  All of my printed pictures on my walls were made with micro 4/3 or smaller sensors.

As my needs for faster lower light cameras increased with my photography of events here at Homewood I left micro 4/3 behind and used many different cameras, mostly Fuji cameras.  

Since I have gotten older and my photography of events has stopped, I have returned to micro 4/3 gear to match my declining opportunities for photography.