An Issue Relative to Gear

I made these images in Mexico in 2008.  They were in-camera jpegs that I recently tweaked with Lightroom software on my computer.  These images and the ones in the previous post were made with a 6MP Canon Powershot S3 IS camera with a 12x optical zoom lens and a small 1/2.5 CCD sensor.  I sometimes wish I still had that older camera.  In good lighting conditions, those old small sensor cameras were pretty good.  It is a shame that they aren’t made anymore.  I would like to compare them with the latest micro 4/3 cameras and lenses.  I sometimes get the feeling that the micro 4/3 cameras aren’t as good.

But, which camera to use for wildlife images isn’t the leading issue.  The main issue is there isn’t much wildlife close at hand to be photographed, and I won’t be traveling to places where they are.  I really can’t come up with a good reason for having long focal length zoom lenses anymore.