One & One

220130-073437-untitled shoot I have been using a variety of cameras and lenses since I last wrote about “One Camera, One Prime Lens” in order to better understand the pros and cons of using a variety of gear for different subjects.

Today I am switching back to the X100F for awhile to get a better feel for the limitations and possible benefits of just using one camera and one lens, the X100F.

Its’ competitor is using the micro 4/3 E-M5 III with the 14-150mm zoom lens and the articulated LCD and the possible wide range of additional lenses.  That camera gives me a lot more possibilities for a wider range of subjects; but I prefer holding and using the X100F.

I made this image with the X100F by cropping quite a bit under challenging conditions; i.e., the distance to the subject, quickly getting the shot, photographing through the window, and facing into the early morning sun. 

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