Photography on Thin Ice

Not literally, but almost.  I sold my micro 4/3 gear, the lightweight Olympus camera and lenses since the image quality wasn’t good enough, nor were the lenses economical, for some types of photography that I had considered using it for.

I decided to keep the Nikon Z5 camera; but it has a problem that I will have to deal with.  It is heavier than I prefer, especially with the 24-200mm lens.  I know, this is a relatively light setup compared to other full frame cameras, but it is still heavier than I like due to the conditions of my right hand and back.  My fingers shrivel up, turn dark, and hurt when holding the camera.  After holding the Z5 with the longer lens for a period when out walking and photographing, it takes a long time after getting home for my fingers to recover even when the temperature was in the fifties while I was using the camera.  The weight also contributes to back pains the more I walk with, and use, the camera.

One potential issue is that I have committed to going back to photographing events, etc. here at Homewood for their publications and I will probably need the Z5 camera and the longer zoom lens.  I will have to see how it goes and what I can do to manage my problems as I hope for warmer conditions to help.

I hope to try some lighter prime lenses with the Z5 to help reduce the weight and to continue using my X100F camera for some of my work.  This is why I feel that I’m taking a big chance with my photography.  It may work out and it might not.  My ultimate solution might be to just do less photography.

I used the Z5 to capture the image of the thin ice above and the X100F to make the image of my computer with the Z5 sitting next to it.  I will see how this combination of cameras works for me as the weather improves and the opportunities for photography increase, but I might need to reverse the usage; i.e. use the X100F on walks and the Z5 inside when I can sit some with the camera in my lap.

There are three most likely (but not the only) possible outcomes.  One, I get accustomed to the Z5, purchase some prime lenses, and use the Z5 primarily.  Two, I keep switching back and forth between the Z5 and the X100F depending on subjects and how I feel.  Three, I only use the X100F (maybe upgrade to the X100V) and sell the Z5 camera and lenses and finally give up trying to use heavier cameras and lenses.  Time will expose the answers.