In My Hands

The camera I like to use is what works best in my hands.  At the moment it is the Fujifilm X100F camera, at least until I get a lighter, smaller, prime lens for my Z 5 camera.  When I get it, I will reevaluate the situation.  In the meanwhile as I wait for one to arrive, I am still trying to deal with the fact that the cameras and lenses I like best do not necessarily enable me to make all of the pictures I like.

I feel that the pandemic, my growing older, and the growing concern for privacy among the public have pulled the rug out from under my ability to travel and pursue photography as a hobby as I used to do.  I have therefore been trying to figure out how to merge my needs for smaller cameras and lenses with the changing realities of photographical opportunities.  

It is up to me to evolve with the changing future, the same as it is for everyone else.  All ideas of a return to normalcy are impossible. The future will never be like the past.  There is no such thing as normal so forget the past and move on.  I hope that those who are younger adjust quickly to the future because the coming changes are going to occur faster and be more severe than in the past.