Nikon Z5 or Fujifilm X100F Camera?

I have been comparing the FF Nikon Z5 with the 40mm F2 lens against the APS Fujifilm X100F camera with its e35mm F2 lens.  The above images show the differences in weight as well as the depth of field, field of view, and sharpness of the newer vs. older cameras.

The first image was made with the newer full frame Nikon and it doesn’t focus as closely as the X100F.  I used the raw files from both cameras and displayed them both as Adobe monochrome images since their colors are different and weren’t of concern to me in this comparison.  I shot them both at F2 and tweaked the exposures to make them more alike.  I expected the X100F to not be as sharp, but I wanted to see the effect of the different focusing range.  Both were made at their closest focusing point.

I have been wondering which camera and lens would work best for flower images.  Since the Nikon has a tilting LCD I was hoping it would work best, now I’m not sure.  It depends on the effect I want and being able to blur out the background is important to me.  In addition, the lightest, smallest camera is also important.