Photography of Homewood Happenings

I am trying to move past the pandemic, so I offered to help photograph Homewood events, activities, etc. again; but, due to privacy concerns, etc. I will give all pictures I make of identifiable residents to Homewood staff (if they want them).  I will not be using such images on my website nor storing them where they could be potentially hacked.  Once I have processed them and turned them over to Homewood I will remove them from my computer.  This is an accommodation that I am making in accordance with Pennsylvania law  and federal HIPAA laws since they include pictures of seniors in residential settings.  Due to the pandemic and cessation of most events, etc. I have not needed to deal with this issue for a while; but, assuming that Covid becomes manageable (a very iffy assumption) and that Homewood continues to return to more and more activities, I needed to decide how I was going to deal with returning to doing local residential photography.

Once my photography of events stopped at the beginning of the pandemic, I sold the cameras and lenses that I had been using for photography of Homewood activities.  I did that since I wasn’t sure that I would ever need them again and I suspected that if I ever returned to such photography that I would want to use different gear.  I have now started gearing up again with a Nikon camera and lenses and I need to learn how to best use them for recordation of happenings.

I intend to be cautious about Covid and other diseases.  I’m still concerned about future variants, waning protection of vaccines, other diseases, etc.  If I am uncomfortable with recurrences or increases within the surrounding community, I will stop attending events and stop photographing around people, especially indoors.  If that happens, I just wasted my money getting a Nikon camera and lenses.