Our House in Clarksburg WV

I lived in this house (around 1948 – 1963) during my school years from age six through high school and until I got married at the end of my junior year in college in June 1963. The house, originally built in 1925, is now abandoned.

I remember planting those “small” Christmas trees in front. They are now enormous.

We always thought that the front wall would fall over, but it is still there.

Floyd Street was a dead end street, still is in more ways than one. We had to back off the street when we drove out. That is Alan’s jeep, the only car on the street.

Below is Jim’s house across the street from ours. It caught fire in Dec. 2021.

This is Mary Ann’s house. I think the house between hers and ours was built during my high school years.

This is what my brother saw when he walked through our front door. He took all of these pictures on his iPhone. I then reworked them to create these images.

This was the bedroom my brother and I shared on the second floor in the front corner of the house.

This is the view out the front window which was next to my bed. I used to have a great view of Clarksburg from my bed.

This was our parents bedroom.

This bathroom was the only one we had until they added on an addition at the rear on the first floor which included another bathroom, laundry room, and Dad’s shop.

This was our kitchen on the first floor.

My brother took a lot more pictures; but, I think these give you an idea of the current state of the house. The pictures are also indicative of a lot of the houses in Clarksburg. The house that Marcia lived in has been torn down as have other buildings on her street.