Event Photography Restart

I am trying to return to photographing some of the events that Homewood at Plum Creek is having this year.  This will have several impacts on my photography.  First I will be using a different camera that I have not used before for such photography; i.e., the Nikon Z5 with a couple of lenses, and I need to get back into the swing of dealing with the poor lighting and other conditions in real time that I haven’t had to deal with for a couple of years.  Second, I will be making many images that I cannot use for this website.  Third, photographing Homewood activities means that I will have less time to do photography for my website, so expect gaps between posts.

It just so happens that the last indoor event that I photographed was a Mardi Gras event two years ago inside the Medical Care Center section of Homewood at Plum Creek.  I am anxious to learn about how well everything goes at this year’s independent living event.  I am also wondering whether covid might come roaring back in the form of another variant and thus shutting down event photography again.  If so, I’ll probably give up on event photography.