Minimalist Photography?

What is minimalist photography?  Most seem to interpret it as images with a simple subject with lots of negative space.  While that is OK as it (sort-of) fits with other aspects of minimalism interrupted as having few things, I like to think of it differently.  How about, as made with minimal equipment, like with one camera and one lens in one style.   

Or is minimalist photography the art of photographing less and less?  Maybe I’m interested in minimalist photography because I have less and less new or different things to photograph and I’m trying to rationalize my gear and approach to photography with less stuff to match the conditions.

Today I’m thinking about capturing images of my life in a different way … one camera, one lens, one style, captured in-camera as jpegs, without additional processing … such as with these images.  So far it is just a thought and isn’t something to do for all of my photography.

I’m starting to think of minimalism in general as being a minimal use of resources and only keeping and using those few things I most like that give me the most joy.

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