Best Way: Minimize Consumption

220303-102950-JEH22The best way to reduce our use of energy, reduce global climate heating, reduce our use of resources, save money and reduce costs, etc. is to consume less; i.e., minimize consumption.

When I took a picture of our first flower of this year next to our Villa with my X100F camera, I had to get down real low to the ground.  Getting down low and back up isn’t so easy anymore for me.  In addition, the X100F doesn’t have a tilting LCD and the sun flare on the LCD was so bad I couldn’t see if the camera focused on the flower accurately and I couldn’t get my eye to the viewfinder.  In the past, my reaction would be to replace the X100F with a new X100V because it has a tilting LCD.

Given the state of our global situation these days, I am much more thoughtful about my consumption.  I am therefore choosing to reduce energy, reduce global climate heating, save money and reduce costs by consuming less and not replacing my X100F with an X100V until the X100F quits working, and maybe not even then.