War is Changing the Future

220303-142611-JEH22First came the pandemic and then came war.  Remember that nothing happens in isolation and everything is connected in some way to everything else.  The pandemic created shortages around the earth and weakened economies as well as almost destroying the travel industry.  War may now be the death of the travel industry.  

Now, Russia’s war is also helping us realize that future global trade will become unaffordable and unreliable.  Greater self sufficiency will be the chosen way in the future for every country or region.  They will also come to realize that self sufficiency and minimal use of resources are also ways to minimize climate heating.

The war will have a major impact on most things, including cameras.  Until we start making cameras in the countries where we live that aren’t dependent on resources from elsewhere, we need to be content with what we have or can purchase used where we live.

The future will not be like the past.