What’s Next?

I have been playing with my cameras and processing and have reached a state of not knowing what to do next.  I need a theme and subjects to photograph.  I have gone as far as I can with processing until I find other subjects to work with.  I like the style I have now and it works well for B&W and color and my assortment of cameras and lenses, providing I “find the light.”

My current dilemma is “do I stop with posting my practice images?”  I am ready to stop making them, so I guess that means that I also stop posting practice images.  I need to put all of my available energy into going forth and seeking other things to use this style on, but I am also waiting on spring, warmer weather, flowers, going out on the streets again, etc.

I would like to elevate my photography towards making it thematic and purposeful on something other than process development, but that is not a new desire.  I just haven’t found a worthwhile doable theme to pursue.  In the meanwhile, one possibility is concentrating on springtime changes here at Homewood.  I don’t consider that an ideal theme, but it might be a bridge between showing scenes here at Homewood to other things as it warms up and I get outside and about more.

So far, watching for spring-like changes has been as exciting as watching paint dry, so don’t get your hopes up on seeing much in the near future.

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  1. paula graham

    I do understand. After 20 odd years of taking photos daily , I feel somewhat at the end of and era, the worry about this war on the continent and the suffering of millions does not add to my sense of purpose.