I’m still waiting to see what else is coming.  That statement applies to almost everything in the world today.  At least it keeps us on our toes and shuffling plans to meet the tomorrows.

For those photographers who wonder what I’m doing now, I am planning on switching to another camera of mine for a while.  I often do this during this time of the year.  I’m using my Olympus TG-6 for a period.  I like the challenge of using the smallest camera to collect images that sometimes take more effort to produce using my smallest sensor, both in size and MP.

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  1. dangerouschristian

    I shoot with the TG-6 a lot. It was purchased for my part-time work in inspection photography, where I can be outdoors in any weather; also in harsh industrial environments. It’s been a great travel camera as well, and is a great hiking camera as well.