Photo Stories

I’m still working on getting more use from my TG-6.  I used it to make these images of the moon setting on one side of the house and the sun rising on the opposite side along with a variety of other images early this morning.  I am attempting to answer several questions.

The first question is, what do sunrises look like in toned monochrome images?  The second question I’m working on answering is, how much can I use the TG-6 at all times of the day to record various scenes related to stories?  The third question is, what is the best overall processing scheme to use that fits the capabilities of the TG-6 and the mood of my thoughts for small books?  I recorded these shots as raw files so I can still try some color schemes.

But, this could all be of no value if I don’t go out and gather suitable images.  That is my biggest concern:  what images, what stories?