Pentax K-1 II

A new day starts.  I was using a Pentax K-1 II camera with the 28-105mm lens as I started down what is hopefully my final lap in choosing a camera for my personal outdoor work.  I haven’t taken it outside yet so I made the images in this post through a dirty two layer window.  The one above was before the sun crossed the horizon.

The one below was made as I checked how fast and well it focused capturing some geese in the distance.  It worked quite well, better than my Nikon Z 5 with the 24-200mm lens.  The first image is as taken, and the second is an enlarged crop of it to check the details of the geese.

I won’t have time to do much with the Pentax for a while since I will be busy photographing for Homewood later today and on Friday and Monday with the Nikon Z 5 camera.  I will also have a lot of editing and processing to do in addition to taking the pictures.