Computer Down

 In the midst of photographing for Homewood over several days my computer quit charging.  I made some changes in the battery settings and tried various electric outlets and ports on the computer.  It seemed to be an intermittent issue and charged at times.

While it was running off the power source I did an edit of my over 300 pictures and got them down to a processed number that I could live with for delivery to Homewood if my computer went down for lack of power again.  After I transferred them to a thumb drive, my power source stopped again.

I ordered another power brick and cord and it seems to be working, but it will take a few days to use it and make sure that the intermittent problem isn’t in the computer.

In between pictures and dealing with how to process them for delivery, I started thinking about backups.  For the last 20 years I have had backup cameras, backup memory cards, backup batteries, and backup chargers for the cameras, but no backup for my computer.  I have figured that my images weren’t that critical since no one was paying me for them, but I hadn’t really thought much about what it would be like without the ability to make pictures.  With no computer I wouldn’t be able to process and look at any pictures, even for myself.  Now I am wondering if being able to continue with daily photography is worth me acquiring an additional computer, or could I just “stand down” for a week or so while I replaced a broken computer with another.


  1. TasView (Tone)

    A good chance to leapfrog an upgrade, or pick up a cheap used one. I was lucky to accidentally buy a PC from our local tip shop, which has the same motherboard as the rather old first gen i7 one I use! My full PC backup loaded straight onto it and is now an exact clone, ready to go!