Color/Weight/Reach Considerations

These images show my favorite color scheme.  I made them with X100F jpegs in bright sun using Classic Chrome simulation with my custom curve and adjustments.

These images bring to light, behind the scenes, a tough issue for me.  My back, knees, and hands have been bothering me more and more this year and I have to consider the impact of using my favorite camera, the heavy Pentax K-1 II with the 28-105mm lens.  If I have to stop with carrying all of the weight of the Pentax gear, I should probably use the X100f rather than the K-1 II.  

But the problem does not stop there since I also have the issue of what and how I photograph with the X100F’s effective 35mm lens, 24MP sensor, and non tilting LCD vs. the Pentax’s 105mm lens, 36MP sensor, and flexible LCD.  When I consider cropping, the reach differences are significant as is the ability to photograph down low.

So far I am shuffling back and forth with cameras, depending on how far I need to carry the camera as well as my intentions.  I expect to continue with that approach, but it runs counter to my desires.  I would still like to work with one camera and one style for my website.