Why, What, then How

I have been experimenting with multiple cameras and lenses and subjects and various techniques to make color images, as well as monochrome images.

I still enjoy making images like this one of a dandelion growing next to the foundation back behind the flowering bushes, especially in monochrome; but, I am also wondering whether or not I wish to only publish images in this blog in a consistent style.  I could do either monochrome or color and I’m sure that either way, there would be those that wouldn’t like my choice.

In my opinion, it depends upon what, and how, I photograph and what I want to show with the images.  If I choose one way, I will be looking for appropriate subjects and bypassing other subjects; therefore, my decision depends upon “how true” I want to stay with my overall feelings relative to all that is going on in the world, how things are changing, and the state of our existence as I see it …. as well as what I most enjoy to do with my image processing.

My basic problem is that I don’t know what I can and want to photograph, and it depends on why I want to continue posting images on my website.  I need to answer “why photograph and blog?” before I go on making images.

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