Going Back for the Future

After returning the heavy, large, excellent Pentax K-1 II camera I decided to go back to a smaller, lighter camera, the Olympus E-M5 III; i.e., from one extreme to the other.  Initially I’ll only have the 14-150mm lens, but I’ll probably add some other lenses later.  I went back to a smaller setup since I needed something that I could, and would be likely to carry, that was more suitable for an old man rapidly approaching 80 years of age.  

I have lost count of how many times I have tried to “get by” with just a micro 4/3 camera and lenses, but I kept selling them and switching to something with better low light capability, more pixels for cropping, better image quality, etc. for my Homewood color photography.  I’m hoping that using the micro 4/3 gear again will get me more interested in making different images.

At the moment I have the camera set for square raw high contrast monochrome files so that I can learn more about what makes better B&W photography.  Since I am working with raw files I can always switch to color and any aspect ratio when warranted, like I did with the Blue-winged Teal images in the previous post.

I still have the FF Nikon Z5 with the 24-200mm lens for indoor Homewood photography, but I might eventually sell it if I purchase some faster, better lenses for a micro 4/3 system.  PS, I used the Olympus TG-6 to make the above picture.


  1. Kevin

    I took my TG-6 on my daily walk yesterday because I haven’t used it lately and some of the images I have seen you post recently are really quite good. I went into a nearby park that was closed for renovation for over a year. It isn’t officially open yet, so no people around. A few images were keepers after a little processing to help them realize their potential. Seeing the image above, I think I am going to try some monochrome. I rarely use it indoors. – so something else to try.