Photograph Differently

Be sure to click on one of the above images and then view them larger.

My plan to photograph differently is to primarily use micro 4/3 cameras and lenses and explore what can easily be done with them.  I also want to work with B&W images and learn how to process them, learn about contrast and lighting, and learn what subjects, etc. work best for my B&W images.

One thing I know, is that it is harder to find light and contrast conditions that work best.  That means that I can’t just take a walk everyday and then show you what I saw without any regard to the light and contrast, and etc.  The above is an example of doing that on a very overcast day with flat light and as you can see, they don’t make for interesting pictures.  

I am going to have to spend more time searching for appropriate conditions and that might mean publishing fewer images; but I will be continuing to experiment as I learn how and what to look for.

I hope to also learn what focal lengths work best for particular subjects since I would like to work with only a prime lens at times.


    • John Holmes

      Click on the first picture and it should switch into gallery view. Then use the right arrow to the right middle of the picture to advance to the next. I just tried it and it worked, but it was slow to come up.