Pondering Minimal Photography

For my online photography, I am considering practicing what I call minimal photography.  By this I mean using the minimum of gear:  one camera, the Olympus E-M5 III, with a prime lens.  I used the 25mm f/1.8 prime lens for this image, but I would hope to try other focal length prime lenses as time goes on.  If the need arose to make images in wet weather, I could switch to the weather resistant 14-150mm zoom lens.  In addition, I could use in-camera monochrome jpegs with as little post processing as necessary (mostly cropping and leveling).  It would shift most of my needed efforts to looking for appropriate lighting and compositions.  

The quantity of images and posts would depend on what I found to photograph with a minimal setup.  My challenge would be to see what I could do with a simple setup; but, I haven’t decided to do it yet.  Could I really learn to see in B&W?  Would the challenge be enough to energize me?  Would it result in fewer opportunities for making images?  Would I get bored?  Is it minimal, or simple, or stupid.

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