Rituals & Challenges

220504-070044-JEH22 Every morning after I get up I go into my computer room and open the blinds and look out to check on the weather.  When I do that I’m looking and thinking about picture opportunities and checking out the birdbath.

I leave my camera sitting on my computer table most of the time so that I can grab it to make pictures of opportunity; but, usually it just sits there staring at me and reminding me that I need to go make images.

The morning I made this image it was dark and dreary and raining lightly so I picked up the camera and captured the image through the window.  The challenge then turned into how can I take another picture of nothingness and “pull” something out of it that is slightly different from all of the others that I have made of the birdbath.

So comes and goes another day of rituals and challenges, the ingredients of life.  When they stop you are dead.

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