Noisy Construction


We have lots of construction going on all around us, and we hear it.  We have the earth movers in the nearby housing development, the builders of the house across the street from the Community Center, and now the roofers on top of the Community Center.  I thought I’d let you know just in case you wondered why it is so noisy around where I live this spring.

On top of all of the above construction noises, they have been tearing out flooring and replacing vinyl in our Villa as well as repairing drywall pops and cracks and also doing some painting.  They will also be putting in a new hot water heater and doing some work on our porches and altering some landscaping.  All of the work on our place is noisy and very disruptive since they had to remove all of the toilets, refrigerator, stove, hot water tank and furniture in the dining room and breakfast nook. 

What happened to the spring bird songs?

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