Micro 4/3 jpeg Images

The above are all images made from micro 4/3 in-camera natural color jpegs.  I like the versatility of not only the lenses but the ability to manipulate the jpegs using Adobe LR.  That gives me the ability to see what I’m getting with the natural jpegs in the camera before taking the photograph and then to tweak the images afterwards however I desire.

I used to only record raw files, but I find that I can do all I need with the jpeg images.  Raw files may be theoretically better to work with, but the differences are not worth the loss in speed of downloading, slower working speed in LR, and extra memory consumed.

I’m getting closer to deciding to only use micro 4/3 cameras and lenses, even for all of my indoor Homewood event photography, but it is somewhat dependent upon how fast Homewood shifts from printed images towards more digital displays and especially, videos.