Shifting Gear

I am stopping with my experimenting with different B&W processing of my micro 4/3 images.  I have reached the point where I am satisfied with a simple way to make images like these above from in-camera color jpegs.  I may later do some more tweaking when/if I get some other lenses.  In the meanwhile I will use my preset as a starting point when I wish to make B&W images.  I’m finished with the easy part.

My main problem still exists and that is, why do I want to make pictures and of what?  At this point, I don’t know what subjects to photograph and why to continue with my photography at Homewood other than to photograph the occasional Homewood events.  I need to extend my photography with other ideas for my blog.

Since I most need to find different, additional reasons to photograph and to find other things to photograph, I have decided to temporarily switch from my Olympus E-M5 III camera to my Olympus TG-6 pocket camera.  My intent is to carry the TG-6 all the time and make lots of images of whatever and everything as I experiment with coming up with different images, etc.  I’ll use the TG-6 as a note keeper as I keep varying the point of view and subjects and hopefully try some new things.

One comment

  1. TasView (Tone)

    You seem to have created a great mono recipe, lovely shots. The TG series takes great macro’s too, it can be a challenge coming up with new ideas for things to shoot. There’s a secondhand Pen-F is as new condition for sale that’s really tempting me for a small, light second body and sell my EM1 II.