Possibilities I’m Exploring

One possibility that I’m considering is selling my Nikon Z5, Fujifilm X100F, and my Ricoh GR III cameras.  If I did that I would do my Homewood photography using my Olympus micro 4/3 camera and lenses.

The main reasons for doing that would be to reduce the amount of camera gear that I have and to reduce the weight of the gear I use for Homewood photography, and simplify my camera gear for personal photography.  That would leave only my Olympus TG-6 and E-M5 III cameras.  I like that, but I’m also considering acquiring an additional micro 4/3 camera for backup, and so that I could do indoor Homewood photography with two prime lenses without the need to keep changing lenses.

Making the above camera decision is relatively easy, and one that I’m likely to make; but, deciding what to photograph and display on my blog isn’t easy.  One possibility would be to only use my TG-6 for my blog photography in B&W with images like the above ones.  Why would I want to do that?  Well, one reason would be for the challenge.  Another reason would be that it would reduce my walk-around gear to just a small pocket camera.  A third reason would be that it would aid in the consistency of my blog pictures.

A big issue with the above approach would mean that I wouldn’t be using my micro 4/3 gear to make and display other styles of images on my blog like the ones below.  But, my primary dilemma is, what do I want to do with my blog?  I could continue muddling along like I have been doing using both my micro 4/3 gear along with my TG-6 camera and showing whatever I see and can photograph; but, I would like to come up with a more focused purpose and use of my blog that is separate from my Homewood photography.  A big problem with doing that is that I’m not likely to be traveling enough away from Homewood in order to acquire other subject photography.

It might come down to just knuckling down on my photography around Homewood with micro 4/3 gear and just using the TG-6 for a backup walk-about camera.  This could mean that I give up on finding another purpose for my blog and concentrate on publishing images of primary interest to local Homewood residents. 

I’m hoping that somewhere in all of the above there is a compromise.

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