Change is Slow but Sure

Homewood has been making progress on getting more and more information distributed over the internet on an in-house application that has information on upcoming activities, news of happenings around the campus, and lots of other information.  The app (application) is for those who wish to see and get their information digitally at no additional cost.  If they don’t wish to use the digital version they will still get their information on paper in their in-house mail slot.

The app has the capability to also include pictures of news, events, etc.  Recently Homewood placed some of my pictures in a file under “News”on the app.  Publishing them digitally this way ensures that more of those using digital devices can see my pictures than who currently look at them on my blog since they have everything on one application.  The in-house app also allows for use of pictures that I don’t put on my blog for worldwide viewing.

If this digital display of pictures in-house continues to expand, it will enable me to separate my photography between media that allows for a greater focus of my blog posts towards my external viewers while my internal viewers can use the Homewood channels for Homewood centric images.  This separation gives me more freedom to do what I like with my blog.

As I have been continuing to work on different processing styles, I have also been eliminating some cameras and lenses and acquiring other ones more suitable to my personal interests.  The first to go was my Nikon gear.  I sold my full frame Nikon Z5 and all of the lenses I had for it.  I will be continuing to reduce my gear as I divide my focus between internal and external viewers and as I lighten, eliminate, and reduce in size the cameras and lenses to those I prefer to use.

These changes are not happening quickly but they will keep evolving as I keep experimenting, trying different things, and looking for new subjects and interests.

PS, have I said that I am tired of photographing flowers as I test different equipment and ideas or just make images for illustrations of my blog posts?