Guess What, Going Back

No, I’m not going back to longer hair.  I’m going to check-out a used Olympus PEN-F camera.  I owned one and liked it two years ago when I made this image, and then like an idiot I sold it since I didn’t think it would work well enough inside Homewood.  I had used the PEN-F on the streets of Hanover with both the 17mm and the 25mm lenses and I liked it for walking about.  

Do you think I can go back in time?  I’ll let you know after the PEN-F arrives.  it is a used older camera so it might not work out, but I wanted to give it a try as I decide on what small cameras work best for me.  If the PEN-F isn’t satisfactory, I will return it and continue looking for something else.


  1. bluebrightly

    I use an EM-1 Mark II and tried the Pen-F on recommendation from a friend who’s a very good professional photographer. The lack of weather sealing was a big problem for me because almost all my photography is outdoors. In the end, even things like the way the on/off switch felt bothered me on the Pen-F. I love the look of that camera and the fact that it’s lighter but am happier working with the EM-1.
    Maybe you’re thinking of only using the Pen-F for indoors around Homewood? That might be fine.


    • John Holmes

      My plan is to use the PEN-F mostly outdoors in good weather with prime lenses and as a backup for indoors. If the weather is threatening I use the E-M5 III and the weather resistant 14-150mm lens.

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