I’d like to reset my photography, but don’t know to, or for, what.  By resetting, I mean making some pictures that are different, maybe in subject matter, maybe in processing, etc.  I also want to try to spend more time looking at the pictures of others and be more judicial about what, why, and where I photograph.  

I think my problem is that I love “changes”.  My whole career was based on a continuing changing world, and I get bored with photography of any single subject or style.  I don’t like photographing the same stuff over and over, year after year, but that seems to be the life I have been experiencing in the last 10 years.

I made the above image while trying the OM 20mm lens at f/1.4.  The lens is OK; but, do I have a use or need for it?  Is having the lens worth the cost and larger size?  Would it make a good lens to just record images everyday of whatever?  Would the 75mm lens be better?  Why not the 25mm f/1.8 lens that I already have?  Do I really need a weather resistant lens other than the 14-150mm lens?