Rose & Blueberries with a Prime Lens

I have been playing with my prime lenses, but mainly I use them for photographing inside in lower light when I need faster lenses in order to keep the shutter speed high enough and the ISO within bounds.  I used the Olympus 75mm lens for the above images where I also use primes when I’m photographing details and need to blur out the background.

In reality, even though I prefer to use one prime lens, the Olympus 14-150 mm zoom lens is more practical for photographing events outside or when I’m walking about.  Or is it?  I sometimes wonder if I use the longer zoom lens as a crutch to enable me to stand-off and make images without engaging with people.  If I only used a normal prime lens I would need to get in closer.  Is closer better?  Yes, usually, unless there is a need to stand-off for safety reasons.

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