With a Prime Lens

On Memorial day four restored military vehicles drove around Homewood.  There were supposed to be seven, but the others broke down.  I usually use a zoom lens to photograph any outdoor activities, but I have been contemplating primarily using only a few prime lenses for my photography.  I have not tried a prime lens for events like this one since I was afraid that I would need a different focal length.  For this event I only used my 25mm prime lens.  It is much easier to carry and use the lighter combination of the E-M5 III camera with the small 25mm f/1.8 lens.

I’m going to continue with this experiment of using prime lenses on the E-M5 III camera.  I will usually have one mounted on the camera and another in a small bag just in case I need a different focal length.

But, is it prime lenses that I prefer, or is it small camera-lens combinations that I really prefer and prime lenses help keep the size and weight down lower?


  1. bluebrightly

    It looks like this worked well – that’s exactly what I do most often – put one prime on the camera and carry another in a small lens bag, either in a jacket pocket or hanging on a belt loop. And lately, just a wrist strap seems to be enough for the camera itself, which is great since I don’t like anything around my neck and the cross-body shoulder strap was starting to bother me.