Yes, I Can, But Why

I could go on making images like these which are ones that I made while walking at Homewood.  I make images like them just to have something to work with while entertaining myself; but, I am tired of photographing the same scenes over and over, though I do try to compose, or crop, them differently.

I would prefer to figure out how to make images with feeling.  Images that express my thoughts and emotions, but I don’t know how, other than to do them in B&W.  One of the types of photography that always interested me was the intent of the photographers who made up the Provoke period in Japan.  Here is a link to one of the descriptions of the foundations beneath the Provoke period.

I have always thought that photographs should have a purpose or theme or message or story.  My biggest problem is that I am a very emotionless person.  I have a very flat stable emotionless personality.  I don’t understand how to express emotions, show my feelings, laugh, etc.

How can you show emotions without images of people who do express emotion?  I don’t think you can except through what you photograph.  For example, if all I photographed were disasters resulting from the stupidity of mankind and global warming effects you would have a pretty good idea of how I felt about mankind.