Loved Pentax

090610-082226-2009 WV AlanI have had a lack of interesting things to photograph since I stopped traveling, and while that is no fault of the camera and lens, it has still caused me to think back to my days of photographing with many Pentax DSLR cameras when I did go to different interesting places.  I made this jpeg image with a Pentax K2000 camera with the kit 18-55mm lens in 2009.  I recently reprocessed the image to achieve this look.

I stopped using Pentax DSLR cameras due to their weight.  I had problems with pain in my hands and back.  My back is better now, but my thumbs are often worse.

I am now back to thinking about what to photograph and what gear to use.  What can I photograph, ideally with one camera and with one lightweight lens that is affordable and preferably weather resistant?  I’m still thinking and looking for suitable types of subjects that I can easily find close at hand.