Barn Swallow

I had to use this picture to check with a local birder to learn that it is a barn swallow.

But, the big issue for me is that I only had an effective 300mm lens on my camera and even with it I had to crop and upsize the image.  My dilemma is whether to spend the money to get a longer lens, and then carry it around just in case I spot wildlife that I might want to photograph.  It isn’t an easy decision for me to make since the amount of wildlife at Homewood has been decreasing significantly over the ten+ years that I have lived here.  Given the changing conditions I only expect the opportunities for using such a lens continuing to go down.

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  1. No Name

    I change image size for increased zoom…suggested by friend! Found it useful! And another suggestion was a teleconverter but reducing image size did the trick in my case. Enjoy your photography!!!