Acceptance of Actuality

As I look for different things to photograph I do look for good colors.  It isn’t easy this time of the year but it is occasionally possible to find some.

As Beth Kempton wrote:  “As a monk told me over green tea, with a gentle smile on his face: Living is suffering. Getting sick is suffering. Growing old is suffering. Dying is suffering. We cannot avoid any of these things. When we try to resist them, we just compound the suffering and delay our ability to respond. If, instead, you can embrace the actuality of what is going on, then you can flow with life. People think Zen is all about calmness and tranquility and living in some blissed-out state of good vibes. But actually it’s about how you face your challenges: unhappiness, loneliness, worry, difficult emotions. It’s about learning to deal with what life throws at you, and acceptance of actuality is central to that.”

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