Just Use Less

Hanover, PA  April 2017

In Hanover Germany they are getting serious about cutting energy consumption:  reducing winter thermostat settings, cold showers, darker buildings, etc.  Click here and read about it.

We should think about some of the same cuts here in Hanover, PA, USA for many reasons.  The sooner we start reducing our energy consumption the less we will need to cut it in the future due to the combination of resources and the rising earth temperature.  It would also reduce our personal electric and gas bills right now.  There is no better way to save energy, to reduce climate heating, or to save money than just using less of everything.


  1. paula graham

    Indeed, sad Putin has to force us into this realisation by hitting our pockets, if not Putin it was to come sooner or later. I am trying to be green, no car…it died…just cycle and use public transport. Not Easy


  2. mic

    πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβœ’ The situation is really serious…unfortunately, we won’t save anything in our wallets. The economy is set for higher profits without investment. I have been following this trend in our country for over twenty years. For twenty years, I have been following a local water company that has not invested a cent in new technologies in twenty years. Nevertheless, the prices for their services have increased by more than a thousand percent in twenty years. It is the same in our country with the production of electricity or heat.