It/They Will Fall

I got down in Plum Creek and looked under the tree and I wasn’t surprised to see that a good bit of the soil and roots have been eroded away by the water.  The tree is next to the bridge and dog park.  It is a tall, big, heavy tree that will eventually come down.  Depending on the direction it falls, it could easily destroy either the bridge or the dog park.

It is hard to see how far back the erosion goes since it is dark under there.  It might be a worthwhile project to walk in the creek with a strong flashlight and a long measuring rod and survey how badly all of the trees along the creek have been eroded.

It will definitely be a major expense to repair the damages caused by future floods, high winds, and worse erosion which will come.  That future might be closer than some realize.

PS, I have stopped walking on many of our paths or near trees on windy days since so many of the trees are dying and coming down on windy days.

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