Aging Camera Lover

Old creaky knees that don’t like it when I get down low to the ground, and then have to get back up.

Old eyes that have both had cataract surgery long ago, and have uncorrectable conditions, and need bifocals to see best.

Old hands that ache with arthritis and fingers that sometimes lock up and won’t bend.

Old back that long ago had surgery and contains rods and screws and that no longer bends as it used to and no longer likes spending hours in front of a computer screen while working on images.

Aging can have an impact on what cameras we use.  Primarily I have lately been using two identical Olympus E-M5 Mark III cameras, but I still have the Fuji X100F and a Ricoh GR III and the TG-6 cameras.  I used the GR III to make the above images as I was debating with myself whether to sell the X100F and/or the GR III cameras.  The GR III is a nice pocket camera (easy to carry) and works nice for up close images that are becoming more and more likely for me due to more time spent sitting and lack of other things to photograph.

But, should we give into the physical changes of aging or should we keep pushing to try new things, new toys, new cameras, new techniques, new styles?