Don’t Detach from Reality

We are detached from reality if we assume that global climate warming and other worldly events aren’t going to impact our continued existence.  They already are.

We are but small bits of existence within a massive world of turmoil … sort of like that airplane in this picture, or a small grain of sand being tossed about by the ocean.

Like that airplane, we can exist and continue reasonably safely, but only if we study and learn and prepare.  When we fly in an airplane we are relying upon the learning of aerospace engineers and the manufacturing skills of many engineers and workers who must continue to educate themselves, as well as the government regulations and air traffic controllers to keep us safe.

We need to return to the world of science while also utilizing compassion and humility when studying the entire global situation of food, energy, climate, plight of migrants, economies, etc.

We all need to study, learn, and make reasonable choices when we vote, when we consume, and when we discuss conditions with our neighbors, etc. as we prepare to the best of our abilities to make the most of what is reasonable as we learn and adjust for the future, no matter whether it is a few days or years.

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