Thinking about Cameras Again

I’m still trying to decide on which camera I want to use as my photography declines.  I have been using the Olympus micro 4/3 system for a while and I like it, but I primarily moved back to it for the reduced weight while using long zoom lenses to photograph wildlife, etc.  My problem is that I am giving up on wildlife since they are on the decline around me and I don’t need to get and use long zoom lenses.

Working with the micro 4/3 sensors I have no issues with the image quality as long as I don’t want to really push the processing too much and there is sufficient light.  I tend to refer to the files, jpegs and raw files, as being “thin” when compared to larger sensor cameras.  This isn’t a problem for “snapshots”; but, I want to move beyond the conventional landscape images.

Last evening after the rains moved through I got out my Fuji X100F camera and made the above images.  I wanted to remind myself of what the straight out of camera jpeg files looked like without any additional processing.  The above were jpegs made with the Fuji standard Provia film simulation.  They have only been cropped using LR.

I really like all of the Fuji film simulations if I wish to make color images.  If I were to decide to exclusively make B&W images I might be inclined to just continue with my Olympus micro 4/3 system; but not making color images is unlikely since I am interested in photography after dark and in odd weather situations.

At the moment I am considering going into fall with both the Olympus 4/3 system cameras along with a Fujifilm system camera and then making a decision as to what is the one camera and lens that I want to concentrate on using for my more limited photography.


  1. avantwaves

    I love my X100V is the only camera (digital) that I use. It is fun and works well in most situations. I also love Olympus systems!