220816-192936-JEH22I’m somewhat feeling trapped within a dithering world of uncertainty … imprisoned by my own thoughts as well as all that is changing within the environment.  I use the word “environment” in a broad sense meaning local and global politics, local and global economics, local and global climate effects, etc.    

I can’t decide what I want to photograph, or should photograph, either from a subject or a purpose perspective.  I have been squeezed by the environment and my uncertainties and mostly just looking for bits of light and shadow within my Villa.

In the meanwhile, I am still thinking about how to simplify my world, reduce my demand on resources, and exist on less.  I sold my three least necessary cameras.  I still have more gear that I could move on to other homes once I decide on the minimum I need.

I’m still planning to be pardoned from my uncertainty and to develop a clarity of purpose, or at least a hint of a reasonable idea.  I’m experimenting with camera focal lengths, etc. to see what I can accomplish with less.